Welcome to Sri Lanka
The island of Sri Lanka lays 30 north of the equator, 820 east of
Greenwich & 32 km Southeast of India. She occupies 65,610 sq. km
(approximately 25,000 sq. miles). She possesses tropical beaches,
ancient mountains, rain forests, gorgeous waterfalls & many places
to delight any person. The typically tropical climate with an average
temperature of 270C fluctuates between 150C in the highlands to
350C in certain areas of the lowlands.

Sri Lanka is mainly an agricultural county. She is self-sufficient in
her staple diet rice which is the largest cultivation. Tea, Coconut
and Rubber are the main economic agricultural crops. Tea brings
beauty as well as the foreign exchange to the country.

Sri Lanka, according to historical sources was settled by Indo-Aryans
in the 6th century B.C. These Indo-Aryans were the first Sinhalese,
who are 74% of the population today.
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